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Rikert Nordic Ski School – Opening the doors to Winter in Vermont – at your pace.


Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, feel more confident and comfortable on your skis, or perfecting your technique, our experienced PSIA* certified staff is ready to help you achieve that goal. We offer Classic (diagonal stride) and Skate Skiing technique workshops to all ages, from the novice to experienced skier, looking to learn and improve.  

*PSIA = Professional Ski Instructors of America

Why sign up for Nordic Ski Instruction? Is it for me?

Learning correct technique and gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals will greatly increase your enjoyment of the sport.  A good foundation and basic skills will allow you to feel confident in your ability to ski most anywhere.

It is easy to develop some bad habits and inefficient technique.  An instructor can set you on the right path and have you coming back for more.  You’ll learn to expend less energy and enjoy that effortless feeling of Nordic skiing (well, maybe it will take more than one lesson…) Learning good technique from the beginning means not having to spend time unlearning ingrained bad habits and poor technique.

The Nordic Ski School offers:image

Private, Semi-Private (2 people), and Group (3+ people) lessons, with or without rentals, Kids Programs, and Elementary School Programs


  • Group Lessons meet daily at: 10:30am and 1:30pm.
  • Semi-Private and Private Lessons meet by appointment.  

Beginner Lessons: Geared to the person who has never skied before, or has spent very little time skiing.  

Intermediate, Advanced and Specialty Lessons: Are geared to working on more specific techniques.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons are a fabulous way to work on just your needs.  The instruction can be tailored to specific areas of focus (i.e. working on downhill techniques, step turning, V1, V2, V2 alternate, and so on …)

NEW Instruction Specials 

Mini Clinics (20 minute per session)

Offered at $20 per person or two people for $35

Classic or skate sessions to refresh & improve your skiing skills with a certified PSIA instructor. 

3 Private Instructions for $195

Each lesson includes: Equipment, Trail Pass and One hour of instruction.

Package Lessons

Includes Trail Pass, Classic / Skate Ski Rentals and One hour of instruction.

Offered for beginner, intermediate and beyond

$54 Group / person

$64 Semi-Private / person

$75 Private (one on one)

Instruction Only 

Purchase of Trail Pass is required

Group Instruction (up to 5 people):

$35 / person

Semi Private Instruction (2 people):

$45 / person

Private Instruction  (one on one): 


Please give the Nordic Center a call (802-443-2744) to reserve a time slot. 

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