Ongoing Programs at Rikert Nordic 2014-15

Nordic Reciprocal Pass Program 2014/15


Monday Mornings are for Moms and Dads too.  This program is designed for the stay at home mom who would like to get out and ski with their child in a pulk.  Our pulks, called KinderShuttle, made by Wilderness Engineering (, allow families to recreate in the winter outdoors good, weather or bad!  The KinderShuttle was designed with the outdoors in mind.  Go in any weather. You don’t need a babysitter to get out!

At Rikert you can rent a pulk and skis if needed and meet-up with other Moms who want do the same and create your own fun group.   Ski for an hour or two.  Rikert’s trail system is designed so your group can easily loop back to the center.  After your ski, enjoy a warm cup of soup.  Skating or classical, all paces/speeds welcome.

  • Own your own pulk?  Purchase a trail pass and join our Mom’s ski group.
  • No child in tow?  Purchase a trail pass and join our Mom’s ski group, no child needed!
  • Dad with child in tow?  You’re welcome too!  We’re not gender exclusive.

Special Program Fee: $22 ($38 value), includes Adult Trail Pass, 2 hour pulk rental, bowl of soup. With a Rikert Nordic Center Season Pass, cost is $10.

Call for pulk availability:  802-443-2744.


Rikert’s Toddler program is designed to get you and your child outside – skiing separately.  Our Toddler Tuesday program teaches your child, aged 3-5, to learn to ski in a supportive and fun environment with our Rikert instructors.  Fun is the name of the game.  If we aren’t skiing, we’ll sled or explore the woods.  While your child is in their ski lesson, the parent is free to ski.   1 hour

Toddler on skis

Program will begin when conditions permit, 12:30—1:30pm, includes child ski lesson & rental, snack break (parent provided) and parent-only ski time.

Child Lesson & Rental: $28. ($45 value) – accompanying Adult skis free; with Adult  Rental: $39.

Call 802-443-2744 or email to sign up.


Our Saturday morning program for 3.5 -5 year olds will introduce them to skiing and fun. We will begin when the Bill Koch League begins their Saturday  program, meeting at 10:15 and finishing about 11:00. Our shop has some real ski boots beginning with size 26. For those who would prefer, we have a few new sets of over – snowboot skis and bindings, great for the younger ones who may prefer to stay in their cozy snowboots.

The cost is $17.00 per session.

Please call 802-443-2744 or email

kid on skis


This new program for 6-13 year olds is geared to the beginning youth skier who may not feel comfortable in a large group of kids. We will be meeting Saturday afternoons and will learn to ski when conditions permit and the group can snowshoe as an alternative. Our goal is to be outside having fun in and out of the woods. Our Instructors are eager to hit the trails and show this group how much fun it can be.   Saturdays  1:30 – 2:45

The cost for each session is $22. ( includes rental, trail pass and instruction )

One Time Deal: Bring a Buddy  – $10.