Elementary School Program

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Founded in the ’80s by John Rubright.

There really is no better way to enjoy Winter than to just get outside and play.


Most of us learn best when we are having fun and engaged.  Kids certainly absorb more when they are fully immersed and having a good time. 
Every Winter the Rikert Nordic Ski School works in conjunction with local Elementary Schools to teach hundreds of kids to Nordic ski and snowshoe.
Our goal is to develop happy, self assured, independent lifelong skiers / snowshducking_gameoers.  At Rikert we try to embrace the natural curiosity of children and focus on a playful, relaxed approach to learning. 
This type of learning evolves as the lessons progress and children’s skills broadens.  We give kids the freedom to explore and learn through cause and effect, by watching their peers, and with encouragement from our instructors.

Lessons often begin by playing games in the field.  These games are intentional and with purpose as they are a great way to gather kids together, give them a focus, and to warm them up.  Games creatively teach kids balance, nimbleness, coordination, and agility.  Favorite games we play with the kids are King of the Hill, Drop and Roll Tag, Ranger Ranger / Sharks and Minnows, Simon Says, Capture the Flag, Fox and Geese, and Handball.  With guidance, enthusiasm and moving progressively from one activity to another, children learn to ski. Nordic adventures are great for the whole family and are such a healthy lifestyle choice.

Kids play in Snowstorm

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