Back in Time

Some fun historical statistics about Rikert with further linked reading:

1975:  Ski touring began at Bread Loaf, head-quarter in the cow barn, and 4 groomed trails to ski on.

1978:  Dave Larson and Ward Mann ran Rikert with fun stories of grooming and beyond to tell.

1980:  Paul Caplan requested an Elementary Ski Program for Cornwall Elementary School.

1982:  John Rubright became the director.

2010:  Rikert was awarded the 2013 NCAA Championships. Read article by Faster Skier and learn more about the Tormondsen Family Race course from concept – actuality.

2011:  Michael Hussey became the director.

2011: 13  Middlebury Nordic skiers had competed at the Olympics, including three who competed in multiple Olympics. Click to see full list of MC Olympians

2012:  groomed trails had grown to 25.

2011/12:  FIS certified 5km Homologated Tormondsen Family Race course was built. Click to read: Make it Snow, Make it Snow, Make it Snow

2013:  5km of snowmaking installed.  Click to Read article

2014:  Dedicated snowshoeing and FatBiking trails were added.

2015:  55+ km of groomed trails.  New trails added were Brandy Brook and Crocked Brook, as well as re-linking of S-turns.

2016:  Continued trail improvement and repair work, extending snowmaking pipe, gentle re-routing of Outer Frost.

2017: Trail maintenance: Battell – finding the edges of the beloved trail and pushing growth back to original width, and installing culverts on Frost to improve trail drainage. 

Below are some fun video clips from way back – out of the MC archives …… enjoy.